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MAY 21, 2013   ALBANY, NY

REPEAL FOR REAL ACTION EVENT ALBANY MAY 21 (expanding detailsdaily – )
For those wishing to organize a bus to Albany on May 21 – Denvercan assist you
If you want bus transportation and need to find a bus to Albany on May 21 Denver can assist you. Yup – he will put you in touch with abus leaving from your area.
We are rolling out our bus platform like we did for the lastAlbany rally – you know – like the last Albany rally that produced 187 buses to roll into Albany!
Bus Transportation to Albany May 21:
From Buffalo –– Contact Denver 607 279-3987
From Rochester – Contact Denver 607 279-3987
From Syracuse – Contact JoAnnePO BX 1096 Cicero, NY 315 247-2256
Please Forward and post info below – EVERYWHERE – thanks
Connecting Buses withPassengers
Connecting Buses withPassengers:
May 21 Buses: Thereare several bus routes in the planning stages. If you or your organization,your club, or your group are sponsoring a bus to Albany on the 12 th , let Denver Jones 607 279-3987 know thedetails and we will post it everywhere Please include the city of origination /departure locations of the bus and we will notify people from that area lookingfor bus transportation.
NOTE : If you need to charter a bus Denvercan help you with that.
Connecting Passengerswith Buses:
If you are an individual, organization, club or grouplooking for a bus ride to Albany on May 21, let Denver Jones   denver@bsuinc.com607 279-3987 know the details and we will find you bus transportation near you.Please include the city you wish to leave from and we will notify people fromthat area looking for passengers.
If you have a facebook page and/or website please post theinformation:
Albany REPEAL IS FOR REAL Action Event May 21 BusInfo:
Bus Transportation; Get Connected; To spread the word of your BusCharter or if you would like to be a passenger contact Denver Jones 607 279-3987(Include your city of departure).
Get Connected; get on the Update info list – register with Al  
This is a battle “We the People” MUST WIN – join this amazingmovement! – Spread the word!
Albany May 21 , 2013
Featuring: Sheriff Mack / Steve Katz / Emcee MelodyBurns (updates to be added)
Sponsors: 2 nd Amendment coalition /OathKeepres.
Multi-Actions planned – stay tuned for multipleAction detail updates.
Opening 10am continuing until our work is done
  FREE - open toall – all day – Just Show Up
Repeal the Safe Act – This time It’s for Real
Hold Cuomo Accountable
Legislature - Obey the law

Keep in the fight and
keep up the pressure to
REPEAL the un-SAFE Act!