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When our country started out over 200 years ago, it was comprised of people who chose to come to a far away land to escape many oppressions. These people sought freedom from their former government and release from that way of life. They also sought religious freedom to worship in the way they felt led. Our history books tell us well of all their struggles to survive in thenew found land and their goal to live their lives in this free land that they chose.

There were very concerned men who wanted to set a standard for the new government that was started. These guideline documents were The Declaration of Independence and The Constitution. These documents written by men who are now called our founding fathers with names we know well - Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Alexander Hamilton, James Madison and Samuel Adams to name only a few. These were the founders of our republic, our beloved America. Their intent was that the people would be the government. Down through these many years, these documents were to be our guide or standard for government. I would like to state that permeated through these writings is the intent of its writers to declare and confirm solidly forever their belief that we are entitled to be in control of this government by the laws of nature and of nature's God, and that He the Creator inspired these writings is very clear.

Someone once told me that when the plain sense of a written document such as this makes sense, then seek no other sense or you will wind up with nonsense! The Original writings make plain sense tome and millions of Americans too.

There were 4 classes taught recently at the Guernsey Library on both The Declaration of Independence and The Constitution. These were very eye and mind opening learning times for many people in attendance. In my mind it brought many questions to light, that pertain to life in our times here in 2010. I have afew thoughts I would like to share with our local people - Because of the importance of both of these very foundational pieces of historical literature, why are they not being adhered to by our government? As a matter of fact our government is not standing behind their concepts but is usurping the authority in these writings and putting itself in authority in place of the people.

Another point and just as important is the basic beliefs of the original writers was that we should be a God Honoring People, a nation whose God is revered and not taken out of the content of our American fiber. Can we not see as Americans that using common sense reasoning to show us clearly that since the liberal, and presently called progressive, understandings that in trying to take God out of our (for lack of a better word) politics. We are in reality doing our country and its God a great disservice which is and will bring grave consequences.

These two very great documents state that "we the people" are to see to these things being adhered to! It is not the government's responsibility but ours!

A further point which falls on the people's responsibility is that of seeing that these doctrinal treaties are not to be carelessly interpreted and should be taught to future generations that they too will be strong in their foundation - taught and explained in them. Why then are they not taught in our schools?

Thank You,

Charles Resseguie
March 2010