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Route 12, City of Norwich.

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Official: Obama wants agency spending cut by $100M   STEVEN R. HURST - 4/20/2009.

President Barack Obama convenes his first formal Cabinet meeting Mondayand will ask department and agency chiefs to look for ways over the next 90 days to cut $100 million out of the federal budget, a senior administration official said.  The federal deficit for March alone was $192.3 billion, and $100million would represent about one-twentieth of 1 percent of that. Obama has brought forward a $3.6 trillion budget for the 2010 fiscal year, beginning Oct. 1, a proposal that would produce $9.3 trillion in deficits over the next decade.

“The Tea Party Movement: Who's In Charge?”  April 13, 2009,  The Atlantic,  Chris  Good.

FreedomWorks, the conservative action group led by Dick Armey; dontGO,a tech savvy free-market action group that sprung out of last August’soil-drilling debate in the House of Representatives; and Americans for Prosperity, an issue advocacy/activist group based on free market principles. Conservative bloggers, talk show hosts, and other media figures have attached themselves to the movement in peripheralcapacities. Armey will appear at a major rally in Atlanta, FreedomWorks said.


House passes bill to add $2 billion for Cash for Clunkers. - July 31, 2009

The House on Friday passed a bill to allocate another $2 billion to the Cash for Clunkers program. The bill which diverts $2 billion from a U.S. Department of Energy program loan guarantee program, passed 316-109.
Fed Inspector General Knows Roughly Nothing About The Fed. - 05/ 8/09

The inspector general tasked with overseeing and auditing the Federal Reserve knows pretty much nothing about what the Fed is doing. ... Coleman could not tell Grayson what kind of losses the Fed has so far suffered on its $2 trillion portfolio, which has greatly expanded since September... She did not know where the Fed has invested its $2 trillion on the liability side of the balance sheet. "I do not know. We have not looked at that specific area at this particular point on," she said.
Climate Bill "Out of Control," Former Senator Says. - Tue Aug 18

Cap-and-trade legislation to limit U.S. carbon dioxide emissions has "gotten out of control" and needs to be scaled back in Congress, said former Democratic Senator Timothy Wirth. "... it's a cap-and-tax bill," Wirth, a climate-change negotiator during President Bill Clinton�s administration, said in an Aug. 14 interview. "That's what it is because they are raising revenue to do all sorts of things..."
No Health Care Middle Ground As Dems And GOP Scorn Co-Ops. Investors Business Daily - Aug 20, 2009

Sen. Kent Conrad, D-N.D., has hoped to break the gridlock in Washington by replacing the public option with health care co-ops. But both sides are so dug in that his idea has made little progress. Liberals have scorned co-ops as a retreat from creating a government insurer. Conservatives see it as a public option by another name. "The only reason it is getting any play at all is because the public option is on the downside right now, we think," said Merrill Matthews, director of the Council for Affordable Health Insurance, which represents insurers.