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Some would wonder if the above titles are true. History shows
New York was the first meeting place to discuss a Union and
Protections of Liberty and Property. History shows taxation was
considered an attack on property. History shows Independence was fought for because of loss of liberties and lack of proper representation of the people in government. History shows New York Patriots led the fight for Liberty and against taxation.

Present facts tell a different story: More people are moving out of New York than every other state in the nation. New York is considered “The Least Free State.” “When more people are leaving than coming in, even politicians should recognize something is wrong." The problem is, the politicians are the cause of what is wrong.

  • A New York poll shows approval ratings of NY gov't at record lows with reducing ratings of federal leaders.

  • More people want to move out of New York state than those who want to stay.

  • New York is the least free state .

  • New York rates lowest of all states in fiscal policy, economic freedom, and overall freedom, and is among the lowest for personal freedom, all reasoned because of being one of the 2 most liberal states.

  • New York has the highest taxes in the country . Property, selective sales, individual income, and corporate income taxes are particularly high.

  • New York spending on social services and “other” is well above national norms .

  • New York has more government debt as a percentage of the economy than all but one other state.

  • New York has the highest taxes on gasoline.

  • Metropolitan area consumers paid 59.1% more for electricity and 34.2% more for natural gas than the U.S. city average last month, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (July 2009). The big difference for NY is higher fuel costs for generation and higher taxes .

  • Unemployment shot from 5.3% to 8.7% over a 1 year period from June 2008 to June 2009 accounting for 220,000 jobs lost , according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. New York State Dept. of Labor reports that this is the “ highest rate since 1992 ” and “Labor market conditions continued to deteriorate in June 2009 as the number of unemployed New Yorkers reached its highest level since at least 1976 .”

  • Government employment is higher than average in New York.

  • The Public Service Commission added a surtax of 2 percent to utility bills (electric, gas, telephone), estimated to raise up to $727 million, even though the PSC’s proposed budget for 2009 is $82 million, far less than the higher levy will raise - “pure revenue grab.”

  • For the 9-1-1 emergency service in New York, only 19 cents of the $1.20 the state collects from each subscriber each month goes to emergency calling services. The rest pays for uniforms for the state police, a wireless network for emergency responders and the state's general expenditures .

  • NY Governor Paterson and legislative leaders announced the 2009 projected deficit had grown $2.2 billion, to $16.2 billion.

  • New York has higher fees for driver's licenses, car registrations and hunting and fishing licenses.

  • NY Gov. Paterson attempted an unconstitutional appointment of Lt. Gov., but blocked by the people's court.

  • NY Gov. Paterson recognizes homosexual marriage, even from Canada, another unconstitutional power grab.

  • The NY State legislature coup created a Republican majority alliance and days later returned to a Democrat majority, with little progress at state business.

  • New York's Washington representatives voted for the $767 million “stimulus” bill that will grow to $Trillions of future national debt.

  • New York's Washington representative voted for the “cap and trade” bill that will result in higher fuel and electric costs , including price increases in most consumer goods as a result of increased factory fuel costs.

  • New York is attacking 2 nd Amendment gun rights by proposing expensive microstamping of all ammunition and refusing reciprocal agreements with other states' gun owners.

  • Present gun laws are extremely restrictive .

  • Motorists are highly regulated .

  • Home school regulations are burdensome .

  • New York has the strictest health insurance community rating regulations, shared with only one other state.

  • Mandated insurance coverages are high.

  • Eminent domain is totally unreformed .

  • New York strictly limits what grassroots PACs may give to candidates and parties, but not what corporations and unions may give.

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