OVER 100 At April 15 Tax Day TEA Party!

      Thank you all for standing up for our country and protesting the way our past and current administrations are handling things here in America
       Our presence was seen by everyone carrying a protest sign and heard loud and clear, It was a great day for AMERICA!  By the way, even our protest DOG was special.  You people are great! and OUR country is on the road to CHANGE because of you.
       It was fabulous to see the coverage we got from TV station WBNG's Jessica Light and the wonderful support we got from our local newspaper THE EVENING SUN (please be sure to support them) !
        The NY state rep for the tax day tea party organization is thinking of July 4th as our next day but because you all have made such a valliant effort in this, I suggested that we have another demonstration on Memorial day, in honor of our loved ones who have stood so bravely for AMERICA , "What would they think of what is happening in our country today?"   By the way, wasn't it great to see our protest dog even making his stand for our country. Again, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for standing for OUR COUNTRY
WBNG Binghamton, NY Report:   http://www.wbng.com/news/local/43055827.html

The Norwich Tea Party Patriots organized another peaceful protest and rally, held Saturday, May 23, Memorial Day weekend. The rally began at 9 am and ran until noon. Tea Party members and the public were entertained by local popular musicians Route 66 and educated by several speakers.

The rally opened in prayer, the Pledge of Allegiance, and introductions by Norwich coordinator Charles Resseguie. Route 66 then played the Star Spangled Banner and followed with otherpatriotic songs. Veterans and members of our military were remembered and honored for their service and sacrifice in protectingour nation and freedoms.

Speakers gave their messages focusing on the unified platform of the States and National Patriots: The Constitution of the United States, Fiscal Responsibility, Less Government and Fair Markets.

The rally was attended by around 70 people, including adults of all ages and families with children. Those attending participated in both the rally and sidewalk sign protest, gaining much support and encouragement from drivers passing by.

Some of the messages on the signs included “Accountable Government,” “Live the Constitution,” “We The People,”“Live the Bible,” “Liberty,” and “Silent No More,”

The Norwich Tea Party Patriots plan to continue regular protest rallies. Norwich will be sending delegates to the coming New York State rally scheduled for Albany, June 16, from noon until 3 pm, with the theme “Liberty Starts Here Again.” And the next local rally is scheduled for July 4, 2009, which is also to be seen State and Nation wide.

The Patriot movement is is a non-partisan action with strategies to reach out to unresponsive legislators by staging peaceful rallies and informing the public about the realities of what is taking place at all levels of our government. Patriots share in their fight for restoration of lost Liberties and a constitutional government with true representation.

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Norwich, New York -
At the Courthouse,
Route 12, City of Norwich.


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May 23, 2009 Another Sucessful 
Tax Day TEA Party!

On July 4th, 2009, the National, www.teapartypatriots.org, and Local Norwich, Tea.CentralNY.net gathered in the downtown Norwich square. We had about 160 people attend our rally where we gave out flyers that revealed the present day problems in our country, with ways to deal with them. There were several interesting speakers.  One of them, Dr.David Adams, a local dentist, asked the crowd, "Do you really want to wait three months for an appointment when you have a tooth ache?" Along with the many flyers, tea party buttons, balloons and bumper stickers that were given out, there were many people who signed petitions of agreement with us as we are determined to get our country turned around!  The bad effects of our present administration's national health care bill and reckless spending of the cap and trade bill with it's bad news for our country were the main focus of the day. A lot of excitement was evidenced by all who were there.  You can contact us at TEA@centralNY.net

The Tea Party Patriots announced an emergency "hit the streets" event to let our local people know about a few important issues. We made an effort to do this and had a great group show up especially being that it was last minute.  We gave out 200 flyers on Broad St. in Norwich and got many signatures from concerned people.  Our group is growing very quickly as folks are becoming more and more aware of our country's need to stand against tyranny and drifting away from our constitutional truths.


June 28, 2009

We had a very very great week at the Fair!!!  Many, many comments were made by people stating "boy I wish I had never voted for obama." We had about 450 people from our area sign petitions against the health care bill [HR3200] and the pending Cap and Trade energy tax bill which will be faxed to our Senators and Congressmen by our group VOLUNTEERS, who by the way did a phenominal job !!! [all week] at the Fair.  Much information was handed out and received by a very accepting public.  We opened alot of eyes there,made many positive contacts!  Our group email list grew adding new families who want to be on our email list!  There is too much to tell you in this report about what happened at the fair, but PLEASE KNOW, we really did stand proud of our Beloved Country UNITED STATES of AMERICA.  The Nation's Patriots are making a difference!

CHENANGO COUNTY FAIR  August 11-16, 2009

Labor Day Weekend September 5, 2009

The Norwich Tea Party Patriots came out again for another rally and informational time, held Saturday, September 5, Labor Day weekend. It was held between 9 am and noon. Tea Party members lined the street with signs and messages to educate the public and demand proper action from our elected officials...   Health Care and Cap and Trade are still issues that we are fighting against.  We are constantly being lied to about what the health care bill will allow.  We know that national health care will become rationed health care as in other countries like England and Canada.  Cap and Trade will cause the price of fuel and electricity to increase and cause companies to close and industry - more industry - to leave our country.  We will continue this fight because We Want Our Country Back!

Anniversay of the BOSTON TEA PATY
December 16, 2009

The Norwich Tea Party Patriots braved the cold and wind to commemorate the event that has sparked a movement throughout the nation.  The Boston Tea Party, an event that is well-known, was staged in Decmber of 1773 to oppose the taxation on tea.  Few know that it was in December, and thinking December on the wharves of Boston Harbor one must think of the extreme temperatures and winds that they experienced that day.  But a few of the Norwich Patriots came out to be representative of the group and to remember the Patriots of the past that were bold enough to stand up against the kingdom that would not give them representation.   The sign and sidewalk rally was held from 10am until around 12:30pm.

ANOTHER very very great week at the Fair!!!  We met people from other states in support and active as TEA Party members - Texas, North Carolina, New Jersey, and others.  More signed up as members and to be kept informed of our future rallies.  We had a dozen petitions ranging from health care repeal to energy.  Information on the upcoming Beck and Taxpayer's March, both in Washington DC.  We had visits from area representatives and candidates.  Our bumper stickers were very popular, including our new "Remember November" red sticker.  OVERALL, a great and positive week for FREEDOM AND LIBERTY!  Support is increasing all the time as the People are informed.

CHENANGO COUNTY FAIR  August 10-15, 2010

The rally was inspiring and fantastic! It was a huge success! There were hundreds of thousands of people there, all the way from the Lincoln Memorial down to the Washington Monument and as far to the right and to left as they could go into the trees and to the street. It was quite hot and humid, also, but a beautiful day. There were jumbo-trons and speakers all the way down the perimeter of the reflecting pool towards the WWII Memorial and the Washington Memorial. Speakers included Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin, and Dr. Alveda King, niece of Martin Luther King, Jr.
One of the major themes of the rally is that our nation must restore honor and this starts at home, with our families, and within each of our selves. From its conception, the rally was slated as a fundraiser for the Special Operations Warrior Foundation (SOWF). This foundation pays the entire college tuition for the children of soldiers killed in action. They are currently serving 500 families.
The three Badges of Merit in honor of the Medals of Honor given by George Washington were presented. The first for faith was given to Dr. C. L. Jackson, a great Black leader and peacemaker. The second for hope was given to Albert Pujols, St. Louis Cardinals baseball player who has great faith in God and does great things for others by spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ and serving with the Pujols Family Foundation. The third badge for charity went to John M. Huntsman, Sr. He is a creative and brilliant man who created his own company making fast food industry containers which profited him over a billion dollars. Most of this money he has given to charity including building several cancer centers that have benefited many sick people.
After closing prayer, the rally went on for about another hour with several celebrity musicians performing.

RESTORE HONOR RALLY, Washington, D.C. August 28, 2010
An abridged report from a Norwich Tea Party Patriot.
Saturday, October 8th. from 10 AM to 2 PM.  The SPEAK UP, AMERICA RALLY will be in the West Side Park, in downtown Norwich.
    Featured speaker is Lisa Thrun who is the NY rep. for Americans for Prosperity.  This is the beginning of her "Taxation Without Representation:  Cap and Trade in New York Rally" Statewide Tour.  Her group is working to repeal the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) that was signed by Gov. Patterson without being approved by the legislature or the citizens of NY.  They have already filed a lawsuit in the NYS Supreme Court.  Now they need our help to get it repealed.
    NY State electricity costs are 58% higher than the national average with large increases coming soon. This unconstitutional RGGI cap and trade tax on our electricity is a contributing factor to our state having one of the highest electricity costs in the country!  It is destroying our state's economy and chasing business out of state, not to say robbing our pockets to pay for increasing electricity costs.  Lisa will be explaining this in detail at the rally along with other important issues.
    Other speakers include a local favorite Max Tollens from Greene and others.  Live music from the Kicinski Family Singers.
    There will be hot dogs and baked beans and beverages.  Please, bring some snacks to share to add to the enjoyment.
    Posters, flags, and chairs welcome.
SPEAK UP AMERICA RALLY, Norwich, NY October 8, 2011
FEATURED SPEAKER: JOE KULBACKI, EX-PRO FOOTBALL PLAYER AND AUTHOR OF "America: A Nation that's Lost its Way". There will be a book signing time after his speech and presentation. This will be the first featured event to be followed by the reading of the Constitution.

CONSTITUTION READING -- We are looking for many volunteers young and old to read portions of the Constitution as we celebrate the anniversary of its signing. Please, make your voices heard as we read its precious words to us, that are as important and meaningful today as the day it was signed. Please, contact me if you would like to read. We still need many readers.

We will also have the latest Patriot newspaper and other information.
Refreshments available. We ask that people bring a snack to share.
Chairs, flags, and signs welcome.



Tea Parties United

TEA'ing up for 2012!  October 15, 2011  12:00pm - 5:00pm   Platzl Brauhaus

A Union of Eight Tea Party Organizations Across New York and New Jersey

Bronx Tea Party, Citizens4Freedom, Hudson Valley Patriots, Mahwah Tea Party, Rally for America Tea Party, Rockland Tea Party Patriots, Staten Island Tea Party, and Westchester NY Tea Party have come together to cosponsor a major event this coming October 15th: TEA'ing Up for 2012!
Tea Parties United presents!

info: http://www.teapartiesunited.com